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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Post About No Posts

So, I kinda cursed myself when I started the blog, I must've.

Our guild kinda broke down a few weeks ago. We'd already not been raiding much because 80% of the guild is in college and it was the finals run-up time, so some people were annoyed, me included, a bit.

Long story short, we lost all three of our warrior main tanks, two of our main raid healers, and three dps in one week.


We won't be raiding for a while. The higher-ups are apparently making a big recruitment push, but I've seen nothing of the sort beyond a casual "if you see someont good, ask them to join".

I'm confused as to what I want to do. I transferred to Arthas and joined the guild pretty much because I had a few RL friends in it, but I only considered it because they were actually progressing in PvE content as opposed to every guild on Kalecgos. In two months after I ST'd over, we got guild first kills of Lurker, Tidewalker, Karathress, Leotheras, and Al'ar, but since we killed Al'ar, we haven't raided more than twice.

I don't know what I should do. Should I get my RL friends and go look for another progressing guild on Arthas and/or another server. Should I rough it out and hope we get enough people eventually to do something?

At the moment, I think I'm going to be overly optimistic and wait till after the first week of classes for college and see if some of the officers start doing their jobs.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Blizzard Christmas!

It's 3am, midnight PST. So Happy Winter's Veil Everyone!

Don't forget to get your presents from Great(-)father Winter in Orgrimmar/Ironforge tomorrow.

Oh, and

Monday, December 24, 2007


So it's Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!

On that note, there wasn't much to do today while waiting for festivities to begin, so I was cruising the Priest Forums and came across a link to It's a site being built to analyze raiding gear and specs to maximize your characters DPS in PvE. His Shadow Priest Page is really, really nice. I saw some things I knew (Haste and Crit are worthless for priests) and some things I didn't (Ignoring that, Crit is twice as useful as haste, when you get to the point where you have to choose).

Right now there are only a handful of classes and specs to choose from. Fire Mage, Afflic Lock, Shadow Priest, Enhance Shammy, Fury or Arms Warrior, and Ret Pally. For Afflic Locks and Shadow Priests at least, I found the info very very helpful. I'm hoping some of you readers who play other classes that are available could check them out and get back to me.

There are a boatload of options available to each spec's page for talent choices and auras available, but there are a few missing. The whole page is still under construction though, so I fully believe that when MaxDPS is finished, it will a peerless* source of theorycrafting goodness.

There were two things I found indispensably useful: The stat ratings and the gear recommendations.

The stat ratings are just a list of all your classes relevant stats (spell hit, spell crit, spell dmg, haste, hit, crit, expertise, what have you) and an number for about how much of a dps increase you would see for getting 10 more points of it. For example, the SPriest page shows me that if I gain 10 crit rating, I can expect a dps increase of about 0.99 whereas if I gain 10 spell damage I can expect an increase of about 4.86 dps.

The gear recommendations take the stat ratings to another level and rate how much dps a specific piece of gear is worth. It's all divided up into slot and each item tells where you can get it. There are even filters you can mess around with to change what gear shows. Right now, I've got every category except for Tier 6 turned on, that way I can see any gear I have access to.

Essentially, MaxDPS, for anyone who didn't already know, is a theorycrafter's dream website. =P Have Fun!

*I say peerless completely aware of Warcrafter's existence. In my opinion (and experience, I've been playing both for a while now) Warcrafter and MaxDPS have similar but different purposes. The complement each other well. =D

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wooo New Memes!

Ok, no, not really. I was just lazy and didn't have anything to post since I haven't logged in in like 3 days.

Anyway Zangerfin posed a question I'm going to steal.

He asked what got us hooked on WoW in the first place.


It's my friend's fault. I blame him. We were both keeping it in our radar because we played WC3 but he got into the first closed beta, so I got to enjoy the game through his little dwarf pally. (Eww, Ally. I know, right?)

When release rolled around, my friend grabbed a copy for me on his way back from college and we rolled Alliance on Arthas on day 1. My first char was a Night Elf druid, Malfurion was pretty win, so I figured they couldn't be all bad.

Funny story actually, the guild that we all formed on Arthas Alliance is actually mostly the same guild that I'm in now. They moved to Horde long after I rerolled my priest on another server, way before server transfers.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Monday = fail

Dangit, 1 of the members of my 5v5 didn't show up tonight without leaving any mention of this, and 2 ended up having to go to bed when we eventually figured he wouldn't be coming.

So that means it's time for Feral Druid/Demo Lock 2v2s! YAY!

Only not.

That team is so bad. Dear God. I'm never doing it again.


Not waiting till Monday for 5v5s next week.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I dunno, I never really got into PvP before, so I've never really thought about it. Since I ST'd to Arthas I've got 4 of my good RL friends I get to pvp with, and (as for the little bit I've done) it's quite fun.

We've got our little failure 5v5 team to get us all geared a little (none of us ever pvp'd extensively before). We're running at the high 1400's-low 1500's so far since we have a pretty bad class make up and no gear, but we have fun and get around 330-360 points per week. Between that and BG-ing our asses off, we should all have a nice mix of s1 and s3 gear before too long.

(I don't know exactly why I'm posting, I'm really just rambling and using this to record my thoughts.)

((Is that like, the definition of a blog?))

Anyway, PvP-ing on Boldog is way way way more fun than on Delmain. Delmain, with s3 helm and s1 gloves and shoulders along with the pre-BC trinket, actually has the beginning of a pvp set, but still, in 5v5s I get stomped. I should really spec into imp Mana Burn, since I'm assuming thats why I get focus-fired EVERY SINGLE MATCH. It didn't help that until this week I've had my FSW shoulders screaming, "I have no resilience," at the top of their lungs to the entire other team. Boldog, though, has 0 pvp gear and he survives. He has a little more health than Delmain does, but it lasts longer because of Soul Link and Drain Life. Not only that, fear for a lock is actually useful. It's just more fun to live long enough to do something.

On that note, I switched my "PvP Main" to Boldog. I'm going to gear him up first and use him to carry Delmain on a team high enough to get full s3 before I do anything more with him. Honestly, he needs it.

I PvP'd a lot the last couple days and I've got enough points to pick up the s1 dreadweave shoulders tomorrow for Boldog. After that I'm going to try to save up and grab the s1 felweave gloves before 5v5ing on Monday night. Tuesday will see me with enough points for the s3 dreadweave robe, and then I've just gotta save up enough points for the s1 felweave leggings and I'll have both 2 piece bonuses and a boatload of health and resilience.

Plus, I'll look hilarious in the mix of s1, s3, and tier 4. =P

For Delmain, I'm thinking the same kind of thing. I think I'll spec disc for arenas and pick up 2 pieces of DPS arena gear and 3 healing pieces and then off-heal/mana burn/dispel spam my way to a moderately good rating in fives. Because honestly, 2 seconds off PW:S's Weakened Soul is not nearly as useful as another 35 resilience.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Kara ftw, finally

Oh man, Boldog cleaned up in Kara tonight.

I got him keyed a few weeks ago, but I've been getting him geared and such before I took him in, but tonight we put together an amazing Kara group and after all the undead pulls, I brought Boldog in to finish Curator through Prince. It was amazing. I was last on dps, but thats understandable, I still have a few greens.

Let's see, Nightbane gave me his offhand, and then we went to Curator where I got my Tier 4 gloves. I got kind of screwed because Netherspite dropped the Uni-Mind Headdress because when we got to Prince and I got the Tier 4 Helm from him, I had to DE it.

Seriously, cleaned up.

I've still got three greens and a lvl 60 trinket, but tier gear makes me feel happy. BTW, I think it's funny that, in 7 months of farming Kara on Delmain before STing him, I never even saw a single one of those pieces drop. =X


Friday, December 7, 2007

UI Woe... Nah, now I'm just lazy.

As "requested" by The Mana Battery Bitch, here's some pics of my crappy UI.

Here's my general UI setup. I had to turn on Pitbull's config mode to get the raid bars to show since I don't have any SS's from raids yet.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And here's a shitty texture I made to go behind the bars:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yeah. Really shitty, I know. Basically, I had this grand idea for what I'd be doing, and it mutated in my head as I was drawing stuff and kind of got lost in the middle when I was having troubles getting the textures to show up in game. Overall, I'm scrapping the whole "lightning and steel" idea because it's way beyond my ability to work with. I was messing around earlier looking at PS tutorials and I'm pretty sure I'm going to start working on a dual- or tri-color "futuristic" layout. Like grey and dark red or blue in long, solid panels. I dunno, I haven't started on it. Theres a big difference between making a simple but good looking website and a useful WoW UI, so I'm really out of it here.

Here's me shooting skulls at things while I powerlevel my mining:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


But yeah, levelling mining is BORING.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

UI Woes, Pt II

So I got the textures thing working and it looks great, with textures that I downloaded. I suck way more than other people at making things look good. It doesn't help that I decided to try something really hard and complex to make.

Lightning in Transparent Glass Tubes? Hard to make look good in the first place. But when it has to be in a weird format with alpha layers built separately? Ugh.

So, I need to completely rethink what I'm doing with this. I've got my UI windows and frames set up in a manner that is conducive to my raiding methods, but it just looks too plain for my tastes.

P.S. - I'm not going to finish that Kara Rant. It was just that, a rant. There's no point in complaining now. =P

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Loot and Happiness

Finally, after months in SSC and TK, loot is mine!

Two in one night even. Good times!

Last week, I managed to funnel one Nether Vortex to our guild tailor, but tonight I got the second for my Belt of Blasting. Then we went on to kill a few bosses, including Leotheras who dropped 2x Gloves of the Vanquished Defender, one of which became my Handgaurds of the Avatar.

All I have to say is... BOOYAH!

I've been waiting for the gloves drop since I started raiding SSC, so they are really really nice. Honestly, the belt was less of a personal desire. I only took the Nether because we charge dkp for them and (in my eyes) it was looking like I was hoarding dkp. I wasn't, simply because I've got FSW and not many upgrades to it exist in SSC and TK and the pieces I needed weren't dropping. But anyway, I took the Vortices so that I'd have something on my "Loot Purchased" list in our dkp table, and naturally, the very next raid has the gloves I've wanted dropping. So I managed to pick up both the 2 Vortices and the t5 Gloves and I'm still #8 of like 35 on our DKP chart. =X

I is happy.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

UI Woes

Textures in WoW are really really really annoying.


I've been working with Photoshop and eePanels for, oh, 16 hours? 8 hours today and 8 last night. I can not, for the life of me, get these blasted textures to show up.

It all started when I was surfing the Nihilum boards and decided to check out the RebornUI. I got it all set up and thought to myself, you know, I could do this. It'd be cool to roll with a custom UI I built myself.

So I back up my old UI folder and my RebornUI folder and bust out the WoW Ace Updater to grab fresh copies of eePanels, SharedMediaLib, Bartender, Pitbull, and various other addons my new UI will use. I log in, get the video options set and throw everything together in a workable fashion and alt-tab over to 'Shop to draw me up some textures.

As is my way, I start with a test. I drew a Smiley and tried to import it.

Nothing. Blank texture. I can import RebornUI textures fine, so I'm thinking it's the Targa Alpha/Transparency thing. So I go out and read 20 some-odd WoW texture tutorials but still cannot get the stuff to show up.

Now it's gotten to the point that I can't load textures that I know are set up correctly if I even so much as copy and paste them into a new folder. I have absolutely no idea whats going on, but I'm a stubborn priest and I will not stop working at it till I find a solution.

This is my current problem. I hate how amazing XKCD is.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

So, you know what's never fun?

Utter fail-azhan.

So, it's Friday, no 25-man, and one of the non-raiding-but-still-kara-geared tanks in our guild whispered me when I logged on asking if I'd like to "farm Kara for badges".

You know, you'd think that when someone says something like that, it would imply that they've got a good group together and are going to go tear Prince a new one in 2 hours.

No, that would make too much sense. And that's not what we do here in The Relinquished. We make not making sense an art form.

So, quick group breakdown for you all out there in the blagofractal.
  • Me - Not horribly geared, but better than decent. 1K+ shadow damage unbuffed.
  • Previously mentioned Tank - As I said, Kara geared. He used to raid with the guild Pre-BC but his new job doesn't allow time for that. He's got a complete Kara/Gruul/Heroic Tank set and tanks really well.
(Sadly, that's it for people taking this instance seriously at all... =( )
  • One of our guild's best geared Tanks... specced Fury. wtf?
  • A geared arcane mage... brought his undergeared rogue alt.
  • An RL friend of mine brought his resto druid alt, barely Heroic geared. (He healed extremely well, considering)
  • Our best geared Resto Shaman... specced Elemental and in a mix of S1 and Heroic Epics, pulling aggro on every single fight.
  • An undergeared feral druid... specced Resto...? Why? With horrible 60 Epics and Greens? Why? I mean, sure, 5 pieces of Tier 2 was nice... a year ago.
  • A random Resto Shaman someone "grouped with once . . . he was good"
  • Heroic/Kara geared Hunter... who's player sucks.
  • Blue-d out Mage. Frost. Ugh. Uggggggh. Especially bad because it was last week I carried this newb through Black Morass to get his key.
On the upside, this was only our group for a little while...

It started off badly enough, I had logged out in Thousand Needles because I was powerlevelling mining (Needs teh epic flyers!) and the summoning stone in Deadwind Pass was being camped by 2 full 10 mans of Allies. Failure. So I had to fly to Ratchet -> Boat to Booty Bay -> Fly to Stonard -> Run to Kara. Normally, I wouldn't complain, but as I said, it was only the beginning.

So we finally get to the instance and make it inside past the 20+ allies at the door. I don't know if I'm spoiled from 25 mans, but generally everyone actually goes to the instances they're in a group to raid. idk, must be something new, because Captain Failure the Mage didn't realize "Run to Kara, everyone, the stone is being camped" meant that he was actually supposed to run to Karazhan himself. So while we're waiting for him to get there, I finally decide I've waited enough and I'm gonna go deal with those allies. Yes, me. In my S3 helm, S1 gloves, and generally horrid PvP gear. Good idea, right?

Well, turns out there was only one ally outside and it was a rogue. I knew it was a rogue because he actually waited for me to go run over to the stone and start the channel while I ask in raid chat for someone to come help summon before jumping me. Ends up there was a reason he didn't go to Kara with his buddies. He's really bad. He didn't even Cloak of Skill my dots off before I killed him. Who does that? Really.

So once we're inside and pulling, the raiding Tank (the one who's Fury, for some reason), decides that everyone being here means we chain pull every pull to Attumen. Going from SSC and TK to wiping on Attumen Trash because someone (I can't even call him the tank, because he was DPS-ing [poorly]) decides to be a dick.

So guess what my repair bill is up to by the time we hit Attumen? If you guessed 12g, you're correct!

Seriously guys, it's Attumen. ATTUMEN. When my old guild took its first baby steps into Kara we didn't wipe on Attumen trash, but there it is, we did twice tonight.

So we get to Attumen and drop him no problem. I'm thinking it's because everyone was actually at full mana with buffs when we started, but maybe that crazy idea is unique to me. Who knows?

So, a little bit of backstory here. There is one. . . one!. . . piece of gear that I would like out of Karazhan. And guess what? It's the Handwraps of Flowing Thought that I've wanted since February when I realized my Jaedenfire Gloves of Annihilation could probably use an upgrade. Being as that I'm a shadow priest and all I need is shadow damage and spell hit, the Handwraps are really the best thing for me through all of Tier 5. I'd been planning to pick up the Avatar gloves anyway, since I'd like the 2-piece bonus from Tier 5 and I'd just about given up on getting my Attumen gloves after raiding Kara every week since the end of February and never seeing them drop once.

So naturally, what drops off Attumen? My gloves. So I /roll. 1. A ONE. DAMNIT.

But even worse... You remember Captain McFail Mage? Yeah, he jumps, /rolls, and gets a 7. Admittedly, it's fully within his bounds to want them. But on the basis that our guild is generally one of friends and we try to be nice to each other, usually, I thought he'd see the point that there were about 10 drops in the rest of the instance that he needs and one that I've been looking for for nine months.

But no, he takes 'em. Well screw me, right, sucks to be unlucky?

The jerk then goes ahead and links his green gloves in raid. "I'd have given them to you, but I was wearing Mixologist's Gloves, I think>".

Is it just me, or should you generally at least try to replace all your greens with at least blues before jumping into Karazhan. I didn't ask to bring Boldog on this Kara run because, even though I just got him keyed, he's still in about half greens.

GUH. This raid isn't looking good, at all.

So on we go. More horror stories about Fury-Tank deciding he needs to chain pull everything so his rage never goes below 20 or something. Moroes went by generally without a hitch, though I went nearly got myself killed twice pulling the adds off healers because Fury-Tank apparently doesn't know how to do anything but MT. More on that later, though.

It's 4am, and I'm tired. So I'll continue ranting tomorrow at some point.

Friday, November 30, 2007


Man, I hate people that do that.... =P

So, first post?

Yeah, it's 4am, I just got the blog setup the way I like it. I had to take a few new pics of Delmain and Boldog for the sigs, but it was fun. When I logged to get Boldog's pic a friend of mine asked for a quick run through SFK, so that took like 20 minutes, but was extraordinarily fun.

I love AoE.


Back on topic though (if there is one), I'm basically just going to be using this beast of a blog to record (and vent... =P) WoW-related stuffs with the occasional sprinkling of webcomics and random music, my other two loves.

On that note!

See you tomorrow! =P