The Priest In Question

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Kara ftw, finally

Oh man, Boldog cleaned up in Kara tonight.

I got him keyed a few weeks ago, but I've been getting him geared and such before I took him in, but tonight we put together an amazing Kara group and after all the undead pulls, I brought Boldog in to finish Curator through Prince. It was amazing. I was last on dps, but thats understandable, I still have a few greens.

Let's see, Nightbane gave me his offhand, and then we went to Curator where I got my Tier 4 gloves. I got kind of screwed because Netherspite dropped the Uni-Mind Headdress because when we got to Prince and I got the Tier 4 Helm from him, I had to DE it.

Seriously, cleaned up.

I've still got three greens and a lvl 60 trinket, but tier gear makes me feel happy. BTW, I think it's funny that, in 7 months of farming Kara on Delmain before STing him, I never even saw a single one of those pieces drop. =X