The Priest In Question

Monday, December 24, 2007


So it's Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!

On that note, there wasn't much to do today while waiting for festivities to begin, so I was cruising the Priest Forums and came across a link to It's a site being built to analyze raiding gear and specs to maximize your characters DPS in PvE. His Shadow Priest Page is really, really nice. I saw some things I knew (Haste and Crit are worthless for priests) and some things I didn't (Ignoring that, Crit is twice as useful as haste, when you get to the point where you have to choose).

Right now there are only a handful of classes and specs to choose from. Fire Mage, Afflic Lock, Shadow Priest, Enhance Shammy, Fury or Arms Warrior, and Ret Pally. For Afflic Locks and Shadow Priests at least, I found the info very very helpful. I'm hoping some of you readers who play other classes that are available could check them out and get back to me.

There are a boatload of options available to each spec's page for talent choices and auras available, but there are a few missing. The whole page is still under construction though, so I fully believe that when MaxDPS is finished, it will a peerless* source of theorycrafting goodness.

There were two things I found indispensably useful: The stat ratings and the gear recommendations.

The stat ratings are just a list of all your classes relevant stats (spell hit, spell crit, spell dmg, haste, hit, crit, expertise, what have you) and an number for about how much of a dps increase you would see for getting 10 more points of it. For example, the SPriest page shows me that if I gain 10 crit rating, I can expect a dps increase of about 0.99 whereas if I gain 10 spell damage I can expect an increase of about 4.86 dps.

The gear recommendations take the stat ratings to another level and rate how much dps a specific piece of gear is worth. It's all divided up into slot and each item tells where you can get it. There are even filters you can mess around with to change what gear shows. Right now, I've got every category except for Tier 6 turned on, that way I can see any gear I have access to.

Essentially, MaxDPS, for anyone who didn't already know, is a theorycrafter's dream website. =P Have Fun!

*I say peerless completely aware of Warcrafter's existence. In my opinion (and experience, I've been playing both for a while now) Warcrafter and MaxDPS have similar but different purposes. The complement each other well. =D