The Priest In Question

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Loot and Happiness

Finally, after months in SSC and TK, loot is mine!

Two in one night even. Good times!

Last week, I managed to funnel one Nether Vortex to our guild tailor, but tonight I got the second for my Belt of Blasting. Then we went on to kill a few bosses, including Leotheras who dropped 2x Gloves of the Vanquished Defender, one of which became my Handgaurds of the Avatar.

All I have to say is... BOOYAH!

I've been waiting for the gloves drop since I started raiding SSC, so they are really really nice. Honestly, the belt was less of a personal desire. I only took the Nether because we charge dkp for them and (in my eyes) it was looking like I was hoarding dkp. I wasn't, simply because I've got FSW and not many upgrades to it exist in SSC and TK and the pieces I needed weren't dropping. But anyway, I took the Vortices so that I'd have something on my "Loot Purchased" list in our dkp table, and naturally, the very next raid has the gloves I've wanted dropping. So I managed to pick up both the 2 Vortices and the t5 Gloves and I'm still #8 of like 35 on our DKP chart. =X

I is happy.