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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Post About No Posts

So, I kinda cursed myself when I started the blog, I must've.

Our guild kinda broke down a few weeks ago. We'd already not been raiding much because 80% of the guild is in college and it was the finals run-up time, so some people were annoyed, me included, a bit.

Long story short, we lost all three of our warrior main tanks, two of our main raid healers, and three dps in one week.


We won't be raiding for a while. The higher-ups are apparently making a big recruitment push, but I've seen nothing of the sort beyond a casual "if you see someont good, ask them to join".

I'm confused as to what I want to do. I transferred to Arthas and joined the guild pretty much because I had a few RL friends in it, but I only considered it because they were actually progressing in PvE content as opposed to every guild on Kalecgos. In two months after I ST'd over, we got guild first kills of Lurker, Tidewalker, Karathress, Leotheras, and Al'ar, but since we killed Al'ar, we haven't raided more than twice.

I don't know what I should do. Should I get my RL friends and go look for another progressing guild on Arthas and/or another server. Should I rough it out and hope we get enough people eventually to do something?

At the moment, I think I'm going to be overly optimistic and wait till after the first week of classes for college and see if some of the officers start doing their jobs.


Matticus said...

A lot of Guilds are going through this right now. The holiday season's the worse time for WoW Players because not everyone has time to play (kind of ironic). I'd wait a week or two until after school starts and see how the schedule sets. Don't be afraid to float the idea around to your friends though.