The Priest In Question

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I dunno, I never really got into PvP before, so I've never really thought about it. Since I ST'd to Arthas I've got 4 of my good RL friends I get to pvp with, and (as for the little bit I've done) it's quite fun.

We've got our little failure 5v5 team to get us all geared a little (none of us ever pvp'd extensively before). We're running at the high 1400's-low 1500's so far since we have a pretty bad class make up and no gear, but we have fun and get around 330-360 points per week. Between that and BG-ing our asses off, we should all have a nice mix of s1 and s3 gear before too long.

(I don't know exactly why I'm posting, I'm really just rambling and using this to record my thoughts.)

((Is that like, the definition of a blog?))

Anyway, PvP-ing on Boldog is way way way more fun than on Delmain. Delmain, with s3 helm and s1 gloves and shoulders along with the pre-BC trinket, actually has the beginning of a pvp set, but still, in 5v5s I get stomped. I should really spec into imp Mana Burn, since I'm assuming thats why I get focus-fired EVERY SINGLE MATCH. It didn't help that until this week I've had my FSW shoulders screaming, "I have no resilience," at the top of their lungs to the entire other team. Boldog, though, has 0 pvp gear and he survives. He has a little more health than Delmain does, but it lasts longer because of Soul Link and Drain Life. Not only that, fear for a lock is actually useful. It's just more fun to live long enough to do something.

On that note, I switched my "PvP Main" to Boldog. I'm going to gear him up first and use him to carry Delmain on a team high enough to get full s3 before I do anything more with him. Honestly, he needs it.

I PvP'd a lot the last couple days and I've got enough points to pick up the s1 dreadweave shoulders tomorrow for Boldog. After that I'm going to try to save up and grab the s1 felweave gloves before 5v5ing on Monday night. Tuesday will see me with enough points for the s3 dreadweave robe, and then I've just gotta save up enough points for the s1 felweave leggings and I'll have both 2 piece bonuses and a boatload of health and resilience.

Plus, I'll look hilarious in the mix of s1, s3, and tier 4. =P

For Delmain, I'm thinking the same kind of thing. I think I'll spec disc for arenas and pick up 2 pieces of DPS arena gear and 3 healing pieces and then off-heal/mana burn/dispel spam my way to a moderately good rating in fives. Because honestly, 2 seconds off PW:S's Weakened Soul is not nearly as useful as another 35 resilience.


Matticus said...

I love the name of your blog =)! I can't quite... place it, but I like it.

Trollin' said...

They laughin'
And rollin' their eyes cuz I'm so White and Nerdy.