The Priest In Question

Friday, December 7, 2007

UI Woe... Nah, now I'm just lazy.

As "requested" by The Mana Battery Bitch, here's some pics of my crappy UI.

Here's my general UI setup. I had to turn on Pitbull's config mode to get the raid bars to show since I don't have any SS's from raids yet.
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And here's a shitty texture I made to go behind the bars:
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Yeah. Really shitty, I know. Basically, I had this grand idea for what I'd be doing, and it mutated in my head as I was drawing stuff and kind of got lost in the middle when I was having troubles getting the textures to show up in game. Overall, I'm scrapping the whole "lightning and steel" idea because it's way beyond my ability to work with. I was messing around earlier looking at PS tutorials and I'm pretty sure I'm going to start working on a dual- or tri-color "futuristic" layout. Like grey and dark red or blue in long, solid panels. I dunno, I haven't started on it. Theres a big difference between making a simple but good looking website and a useful WoW UI, so I'm really out of it here.

Here's me shooting skulls at things while I powerlevel my mining:
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But yeah, levelling mining is BORING.


Mana Battery Bitch said...

Hmmm, it looks pretty alien to me. But then again I don't have a proper raid setup yet, I'm using my standard UI (where only FuBar and Bartender3 are altering things, really) with the standard group setup dragged onto the screen.

All in all, I have 5 rows of buttons and an extra one for boosting that I turn on when necessary (different ranks of SW:P). I simply can't understand why all these people can live with just 2-3 rows!

Trollin' said...

5 Rows? Holy hell.

Wait? I have four and am occasionally finding things I'm missing? Daaaaaaangit.

Yeah, I used to use that Crysolis remake for priests for all my buffs and rezzes, but I haven't re-downloaded it yet. Procrastination for the fail.

I have 2 full bars hotkeyyed and only display them on screen so I can change them on the fly if I need to. The other 2 are clicked, and I want to replace some of those buttons with macros to cover two spells. Like Left Click for Mind Vision, Right Click for Mind Soothe.