The Priest In Question

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wooo New Memes!

Ok, no, not really. I was just lazy and didn't have anything to post since I haven't logged in in like 3 days.

Anyway Zangerfin posed a question I'm going to steal.

He asked what got us hooked on WoW in the first place.


It's my friend's fault. I blame him. We were both keeping it in our radar because we played WC3 but he got into the first closed beta, so I got to enjoy the game through his little dwarf pally. (Eww, Ally. I know, right?)

When release rolled around, my friend grabbed a copy for me on his way back from college and we rolled Alliance on Arthas on day 1. My first char was a Night Elf druid, Malfurion was pretty win, so I figured they couldn't be all bad.

Funny story actually, the guild that we all formed on Arthas Alliance is actually mostly the same guild that I'm in now. They moved to Horde long after I rerolled my priest on another server, way before server transfers.