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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What's going down

So, I've been missing for a while, right?

Yeah, my classes this semester are made of fail. Who thought it was a good idea to take Calculus III and Physics II at the same time. Oh wait... /head-wall

Other than that, I've still been playing in game a good bit. I was seriously considering transferring off of Arthas to the point of actually applying to a few guilds on other servers. (Including Kael'thas, which would have apparently put my opposite BBB, which would've been fun.)

But in the end, I decided to stay since my RL friend and I both joined a little guild called Rogues Take Zero Skill. You guys ever seen the World of Roguecraft videos? Yeah, thats the guild I'm in. Awesome, I know. =P

I hit up SSC with them last night actually and full cleared in a little under 4 hours. One-shotted everything except Vashj who died after 1 real wipe and 2 false starts. It was only the guild's second Vashj kill, which is awesome. I need to save me up some DKP so I can nab a Vanquished Defender helm token to get the 2 piece set bonus.

Tonight is TK and Kael attempts. I'll be taking Matt's advice on the Kael'thas fight and spamming SW:P rank 1 on all the weapons to stack Shadow Weaving and Misery.

Looking to the future though, one of the Officers ("Raid Organizers") was talking to me a few days ago and asked if I'd mind switching my main to Boldog since we have plenty of shadow priests and not many warlocks. Now, I have no problem doing this, and I'd actually like to do it if it means we can progress into MH and BT before Sunwell comes out, but Boldog's gear is way less than perfect. I'm gonna need some help getting him geared out for SSC/TK. I want to go Destro, but I think I'm going to have to go Afflic till I can get some more hit gear. Warlocks of the Blogosphere, any of you have any good tips on some +hit gear I can go for in Kara/ZA to get close to the 202 cap? I've not really looked at hit that much on gear since shadow priests need a whopping 76 to cap and I get that on 3 pieces. Also, what have you (I've looked at theorycraft, I'd like some opinions on this one) noticed about hit vs. crit vs. dmg values for destro warlocks?

Phew, that was a ramble-tastic paragraph.


BigBearButt said...

Damn! I almost had the chance to get ganked by Trollin!

Well, shoot.

Hey, on the bright side... sounds like you're ina guild now that kicks ass at your level. Sweet!

I don't know shit about Warlocks, but thena gain, I ahve a 42 Priest, adn i don't know what misery is, either. Back to matticus!

Arrens said...

I can't say much for gear in those instances as I've only gotten my T4 piece from Prince. But if you're staying Affliction for the time being, stack up on +Spell Dmg gear. Crit will mean nothing to you. If you opt for the Shadowmage spec (Destro), crit will be your bread and butter along with +Stam gear. And hope those other mana batteries supply you with a steady stream of mana because you're gonna go through it faster than you ever thought possible.

Trollin' said...

@BBB: Yeah, cept I'd've been more likely to jump off my windrider at you and MC+Fort you then dance. I'm a carebear. =P

@Arrens: Thanks man, I'm probably going Destro because I already have a dot machine in my spriest. Ruin looks amazingly fun, I really want to try it but I need some more gear first.

Logan said...

Good lock gear in Kara/ZA to help your lock with damage AND +spell hit:

-Tirisfal Wand of Ascendancy (Aran)
-Handwraps of Flowing Thought (Attumen)
-Ruby Drape of the Mysticant (Prince)
-Wub's Cursed Hex Blade (Jan'Alai)
-Hood of Hexing (Hex Lord)

There are also good crafted and rep items that really boost spell hit:
-Ashyen's Gift (ring from exalted CE rep)
-Scryer's Bloodgem (exalted w/Scryers)
-Belt of Blasting (expensive to get crafted, but worth every penny)
-Spellstrike Hood/Pants (not quite as expensive, but also worth it)

Hope this helps!