The Priest In Question

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Winrar is RTZS

Quick note, we downed Archimonde.

Wait, what? Quick note? Pssh-a.

BOOYAH. We downed the final boss in one of the two final instances Of. The. Game. (Don't squash my hopes and dreams, 2.4 isn't out yet.) Tier 6 helms were passed around (2xProtector [War/Sha/Hunt], and the crappy bow dropped. Oh, and the pretty little healing Off Hand that no one important wants. = /

I'd love to be able to post a big, long, introspective explanation on how this is a crowning moment for any guild and that I'm in one that got this far is beyond amazing, but I'm still in shock.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sad Times, my friends.

Arthur C. Clarke, the U.K. science- fiction writer and futurist visionary best known for the novel adapted for the film ``2001: A Space Odyssey,'' has died. He was 90.

Clarke died in his adopted home country of Sri Lanka early today from respiratory complications, according to a statement from his office there. He had suffered from post-polio syndrome for the last two decades of his life and was confined to a wheelchair. Clarke had lived in Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital, since 1956 and held citizenship there.

A sad two weeks for all readers, especially those of the science fiction/fantasy genre. We've lost now two great minds in a very short span.

Arthur C. Clarke will be missed.